'ROSHNI' brand international standard Gas Mantles are being manufactured at our sister concern Ashirwad Enterprises in the state of art most modern plant in Ludhiana.

'ROSHNI' mantles are being manufactured using very high quality raw materials and chemicals. The product is having 400(+) candlepower. 'ROSHNI' is extra strong, bright, long life, saves fuel and is durable to give repetability. ROSHNI is definately a better gas mantle than the best available gas mantles in the country.


Packaging plays a key role in the marketing of a product. BBF Home Care - backed by the 40 yrs of experience in the line, ensures to provide the best packaging solutions for your products.

We have all the in-house facilities for making a perfect box. This includes high quality multi colour offset and  flexo printing, coating, lamination hot joil blocking, corrugation ( micro, narrow and broad flute.), Die cutting, automatic folding gluing etc. All under one roof with stick quality control  and quality assurance parameters to give customers the highest quality cartons.

With the most modern plant & machinery along with production & design technology teams, we are able to meet all your requirements of international quality packaging in duplex ( cardboard ) and corrugated cartons.